This is what ducked up stories are about.


Embracing changes

The world is changing at a dizzying speed. And this generates some pretty ducked up stories, as we tend to polarize rather than unite ourselves to adjust to the process. That’s because we are losing ourselves as we lose parts of the world we used to identify with. So many cultural substitutions! Too much technological evolution! New social rules. New political environment. Sometimes there is so much change, we feel it’s us against the world we no longer recognize. We feel lonely. Forgotten. Set aside. We start to fear the unknown. Because of too much change. Too fast change. And then fear turns into hate. We start to blame the new things that have been imposed on us for our toxic nostalgia, for our own limits, for our helplessness to stop time. 

And that’s where labeling becomes a psychological shield: we no longer feel validated in the actual world, so the only way to get up is by putting others down, the only way to regain our self-respect is by turning others into villains, so we can be heroes again. So we can be right again. Relevant again. In control again. 


Giving in to the unknown

What if we stopped competing for supremacy? What if we promoted tolerance and empathy instead? What if we gave up labeling and refused to see differences as threats? What if we controlled ourselves before turning contradictions into ego crusades? What if we stopped this hate cycle that seldom starts and rarely ends? Is it utopic? Is it far from our human nature? Is it just a fairytale principle?

I have no idea. But I have this urge to demask these damaging labels, to enhance the idea that we all are just simple people, with a lot of flaws, yet with the gift to adapt to each other and to this new emerging world. I’m not a good public speaker. I have no superpowers. So I’ll use storytelling to draw attention to some nasty issues.

I want, if only for a moment, to put down labels and celebrate diversity.