Ducked up stories

Pause reality and dive into the unexpected with these short stories filled with offbeat twists and relatable situations. Discover a collection of effervescent identities and personalities which all share the same core: vulnerability. Which character are you?

Volume 1: Strong women

Are we born strong? Or are we given the opportunities to channel our inner force and it’s up to us if we focus on pain or on reshaping ourselves? The first volume of Ducked up stories talks about female protagonists who bizarrely find strength in sorrow.

Meet Nola Bel. Or not

Nola Bel might be a Guantanamera. A non-binary snake milker. An old woman with rainbow-colored hair. Or a duck. The only thing important about the writer is its storytelling quest to contribute to a #nolabel world.

Volume 1.

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Ducked up stories about strong women .

Strength doesn’t look the same in all of us. Sometimes it looks like forgiveness, other times it can take the shape of liberation. It may be a synonym for taking firm decisions or it may come as unconventional actions. Let your heart follow the women in this volume and witness their change as they fight being labeled. 

List of stories in volume 1.

5 stories to read. 5 stories to love.

Cheat code for destiny

Ana Blanco is subject to a horrible prophecy: she will die in a car crash at 40 years old.

World War III in Galleria Borbonica

The war has taken Maria Lucia’s son, but she won’t let any other young man die under her watch.

Orphan once, orphan twice

Fifi Dubois can’t understand why her father is so cold to her. In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Yusuf’s women

Beren, Esma, and Elif are very different, but they share a common battle: they all fight to survive Yusuf’s death.

Sleeping beast

Kefi doesn’t remember much of her life but at a Nursing Home for Alzheimer Elders, she finds somebody who does.

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